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Fun Cup : My Period Bestie!

Article: Ms Snow | Photo: 子朗 | 28 Sep 2019

I have been using menstrual cups for 3 years and have tried many different brand and sizes. Recently Fun cup Large size has became my top cup! I have a quite strong pelvic floor muscle since I have public toilet phobia from my childhood, I hate going to public toilet (even the one at school) and this lead me to have a strong pelvic muscle but bad bladder…

I would say I have a normal cervix since I can just touch it when I really stick my middle finger up there lol I have tried both low and high cervix cups from other brands before and find them normally work 3 times out of 10. Sometimes a low-cervix cup worked better while sometimes a high-cervix cup fitted better … super confusing right!

Since our body changes every single period , especially when you are on Chinese medication or any medication the month and when you are more stress out. Communicating with your menstrual cups babies can be super annoying and stressful when you already having a mood swing and don’t forget the period pain! I can just use Fun cup for my entire period and not having to change to another cup for maybe a lighter flow day due to having a large cup sometime it is a bit too large it compressed on my bladder which make me want to pee all the time.

Also the large fun cup holds 30ml I literally use it from when I leave the house till I am back home to shower after work without taking it out. My highest record of having Fun Cup inside me was 18 hours! I know…I know It should not be inside of your body more than 12 but I was on a plane plus I hate public toilet remember! (That was a one-off situation please do not attempt. )

IMG_4252 (2) copy

Normally when a menstrual cup inside my body for more than 8 hours it will have a very strong odor which I expected to smell dead body when I took the fun cup out after all these hours. However, It wasn’t as strong as I thought It would be and in fact it smells better than some other cups I used for 10 hours. I was also so surprised that it was so easy to clean, no stain and I didn’t need to use lemon juice to refresh it.

Other reasons I love about my Fun cup – L size are super easy to open up inside my body because of its thickness of its rim. Although it doesn’t feel as soft as the other cups it performs very well and very comforting.

Fun cup is much easier to take out as you expect it would. It doesn’t have a loop or a normal stem which people worries very often, but from my experience is much more easy to grab as it has this sold tip that you can hold on to and it’s stable!

No leakage for me so far these pass 3 months been using Fun cup. Finger crossed!

Fun Cup has become my period bestie! I named it 月兒 :)

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