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The idea of MCup HK came about on the 7th year of my journey of running three intimate lifestyle shops, and meeting thousands of women. It's amazing how women care about their skins but have minimal knowledge about their private parts. Intimate care is, if not more, as important as skin care!

But too many commercial products out there are simply not helping women to have a healthy pussy. Women need to know how to take better care of their intimate parts!

Now technology has finally created a wonderful period product - menstrual cup (or period cup, or moon cup, or Mcup for short). When you learn how to use it correctly, it will free you from your monthly misery. Unlike using pads, your pussy will stay dry during period, meaning less skin irritation and potential infections. And unlike using tampons, your vagina can stay moist during period, meaning you can easily forgot you are even going through period. And that you can do yoga, swimming, even scuba diving and kick boxing! How life-changing is that!

And from our years of experiences with various intimate care products, we have shortlisted a bunch of goodies that could really make a women happy. So why keep the secrets to ourselves? We are blessed to have these products that make our lives being a women much easier. We felt that it will be a sin not to share these goodies with other women out there.

So here we are. A place dedicated to making women feel good about themselves. A place to remind us it's proud to be us.

Vera Lui
Founder of MCup HK & Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store

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